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The American Revival Front seeks to end consumer culture and promote pro-community values.

We want to re-tool the American economy to serve the many, not the few.

We had our 2023 convention! Click here to learn more!

ARF in the news:

The 2023 ARF Convention was a resounding success, we were fortunate enough to be featured in the Michigan Review, The University of Michigan's most respected newspaper, and interviewed about our aims and principles. Many topics were covered, and visitors from as far away as Grand Rapids came to Ann Arbor to join. Every Michigan ARF Chapter was represented. 

Our communitarian ideology of national regeneration and salvation from both secular socialism and heartless capitalism, that has come to dominate America today, has been well represented and will continue to inspire Americans to leave their traditional political allegiances and come together for a movement that will truly represent Americans and not corporations.

Be sure to check out the full coverage of the conference on the Michigan Review's website here.

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