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The American Revival Front seeks to end consumer culture and promote pro-community values.


We want to re-tool the American economy to serve the many, not the few.

What are we working on right now?

The First ever ARF conference was a success. Held in Birmingham Michigan people came from as far away as Hillsdale and Grand Rapids to join in our conference. The leaders of the various chapters from around the state discussed new strategies for recruitment and outreach to be adopted within the next few months in order to bring our message to the rest of the rest of the state, the Midwest, and the country beyond. We are continuing to work on new ways to bring the people of our country together under a common set of values and principles. America is resilient! 

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Join our fight for bettering the lot of all Americans and learn how to build political infrastructure, set up political meetings and rallies, and gain skills in campaigning and the political process. 


“The vast majority (of student workers) agree that they’re not being paid enough, and a decent amount of them also say that they’re being overworked,” Ervin said. “If we get this done, the students will know that if something is going horribly wrong, we’re going to be able to tackle it … we will be your voice.”-- Gabriel Ervin
(Via the Michigan Daily)
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